Website Maintenance Cost in India

Are you looking for website maintenance costs in India? Avail of our SEO-included website maintenance packages starting from ₹ 2000, is one of the best website maintenance companies in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We provide monthly, yearly, and custom website maintenance packages and one-time website maintenance services – The Pay as You Go, business model. Choose a website maintenance package as per your web development requirements and budget, Generally, website maintenance is known as updating the new content, adding images, adding new pages, banner design, error fixing and changing website design only, apart from the above-mentioned website maintenance, there are plenty of scopes available to optimize a website to get top ranking in google search results.

Website maintenance packages

Monthly Package

Startup Package:
₹2000/- (5 man-hours)

Economy Package:
₹4000/- (10 man-hours)

Professional Package:
₹10000/- (30 man-hours)

Yearly Package

Startup Package:
₹5000/- (10 man-hours)

Economy Package:
₹10000/- (20 man-hours)

Professional Package:
₹15000/- (30 man-hours)

Custom Package – pay as you go

Hourly Package:
₹500/- (per hour)

Day Package:
₹4000/- (8 hours)

Weekly package
₹18000/- (40 hours)

Benefits of regular website maintenance

  • 1st page positions for potential keywords
  • Boosts Your Credibility
  • Brand reputation
  • Trust building
  • Good accessibility 
  • Organic website traffic
  • Best user expiriance
  • Up to date data
  • Proper call to actions
  • Good conversion rate
  • Fast loading
  • User behavior monitor
  • Improves User Engagement Rates
  • Browser compatibility 
  • All device responsive
Website Maintenance

AMC website at ₹ 2000 onwards

When you want to earn from your website by generating more leads, it should be up to the search engine standard, your website should be maintained by professional website development and website maintenance experts regularly to keep its top position in Google search, our monthly website maintenance team includes web development experts, web programmer, web designers, link building experts, graphic designers and SEO specialists.

Get more visibility in Google search ranking by taking our SEO-enabled annual website maintenance package – AMC website or monthly website maintenance package, within 3 simple steps you can start the successful online journey with Viveatech website maintenance company.

Before you choose your website maintenance packages, kindly take a minute to know more about our advanced technology strength and development possibilities, check our SEO portfolio and website maintenance results using popular live website validation and SEO Analysis tool online