5 Best Ways To Promote Your Podcast

5 Best Ways To Promote Your Podcast

After creating your podcast and making it available to the masses for download there is no guarantee that a ton of people will download or subscribe to your podcast.  Most podcasters are always searching for easy and free ways to market their episodes. Unless you market yourself and your podcast episodes. Here are the 5 best ways to promote your podcast to get you started.

1. Social Media

Market yourself and your podcasts through the various social media platforms available today. In my opinion
and experience, social media has made it easy to generate tons of followers and fans. Depending on the nature of your podcasts, you can opt to use Facebook or Twitter, the 2 biggest social media platforms. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. So choose according to your needs.

2. Use Contests

Contests are an ingenious way of revving up conversations on any topic. You can ask your fans or trivia questions on social media and offer your podcast to the first person who gets the correct answer first. This not only gets the conversation, download, and subscribers trickling in, it also guarantees you a loyal following.

3. Befriend Other Podcasters

While they may be your competition, they are also the best way to drive up traffic and subscribers to your podcast. you get some new friends along the way. Who hates making new friends? Podcasters love giving each other shootouts and inviting other podcasters to cohost their shows. Co-host someone else’s show and you are also drumming up some loyal followers from their show. This amounts to free marketing.

4. Promote For Other Shows

If you have invested in some podcasting equipment, there is no reason why you should let that equipment rust away while you are not using it. Sweepers or promos are about 10-15 seconds each. Ask your podcaster friends if you can create promos for them. While this may seem like a total waste of your time and talent, the potential is great. Think about the number of clips and times they may play that promo clip.

5. Give Interviews

With a thousand podcasts in production per week, it is not extremely hard to find a podcaster looking for a potential interviewee. With your podcast live, and a few thousand loyal subscribers under your wing, it is now time to think about monetizing your podcast and make some serious cash from your podcasting efforts. Depending on your podcast subject, you can have a wide pool of interviews to choose from. 

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