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Streamlining your business in today’s competitive digital world demands a wholesome strategy. And once you set out to adopt a game plan, you must have your basics right. We are talking about your online address – a website or web app.

Now, many people consider that the term website is synonymous to every URL they visit. If you are planning to bring your brick and mortar store online, you should have a clear concept that not all the URLs you visit can be classified as websites. Some of these can be more accurately referred to as web applications. An understanding of the fine line between a website and web app will allow you to solidify your business plan and communicate your project to a web development agency.

Confused? Get the Difference…

Though there are conflicting opinions amongst the website development company professionals, you may use the following guide:

A website is usually informational in nature. Its main purpose is to convey information to the visitors. There is little scope of interaction on the part of the users other than possibly performing a search or submitting an email address to receive newsletters. For instance, if you own a local charity and want to convey some information, a website with a homepage, contact information, an about page, upcoming events, and a portfolio of your works may meet your requirement.

A web application, on the other hand, is more of an action-oriented web tool. Let’s continue with the example of the local charity. This time, the visitors are able to register, buy items from your online store, and donate. Another example of a web app can be a library web portal that allows visitors to search book catalogue and make a reservation.

Honestly, the distinction between a website and a web app is not really a cut and dried process. For instance, consider a WordPress website. In its native state, it displays information to the visitors. From this perspective, it’s a website. But on the backend, it has an extensible and highly customizable content management system. Now tell us, is the WordPress site just a website or a web app?

Tough call, right!

Remember that many sites are actually website and web application hybrids. Your startup may provide extensive information to the visitors and also allow them to conduct specific functions – as in the case of our charity portal’s example.

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