how to make money podcasting in 2021

How To Make Money Podcasting In 2021

Making money from your podcast should not be your main motivation.  There are many ways to monetize your podcast. However, making some money from something you love and enjoy doing is always an added advantage. There is no correct or wrong way to monetize your podcast. However, you have to ensure that no matter which method you opt for, it is something your audience would be comfortable with or love to try.

Here are a few tips you can use to monetize your podcast.

Sell Your Podcast

This is the simplest and most straight forward way to monetizing your podcast.  Nevertheless, if you feel like you have some real and valuable if not precious advice in your podcast, Setting up a web store and charging subscribers every episode is one way to sell it. However, it’s worth noting that the majority of podcasts are available for free and a pay-per-listen podcast competes with many free podcasts.

Advertising Space

You can sell advertising space on your podcast by inserting short commercials in between your podcast sessions. A very neat option to selling advertising space is to get sponsorship for the podcast. For example, rather than play an interlude song you can play a sponsored ad for that period. The trick to advertising is to ensure that the adverts you give space to are relevant to your podcast. Further, do not overdo the advertisements by adding too many commercials to the podcast.

Web Advertising

When you add a new podcast, the user device automatically downloads it.  However, with a little effort and ingenuity, it is a possibility. This makes it a bit difficult to offer an advertisement. You can try linking your podcast to a blog or website and mention it frequently in your podcast. This will drive some traffic to your website and earn you some AdSense revenue. The traffic from the podcast is a gold mine. You can place banner and sidebar ads.

Podcasting has no real roadmap. Further, if you fail to have some fun while podcasting, you will not stick to podcasting. The only way to get better at it is to get going, practice, and create as many podcasts as you can. Moreover, podcasting demands some patience and perseverance before success comes knocking on your door. Other than that, it is an exciting journey well worth trying.

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