The Digital Marketing realm is constantly growing so much so that we have enough to make a list of the Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai – in one city itself! Each company possesses a unique quality in their own right however almost all companies have a similar trend of services they provide to their clients making the Digital Marketing realm extremely stiff and competitive. Let’s have a look at the Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai:

  1. Syspree – Syspree is a digital marketing company in Mumbai which has digital solutions that ‘Click’. They are a digital superstore that deals with everything digital including Web design and Development, Digital Marketing, Outsourcing, etc. They deliver successful digital strategies with creativity and passion and by being on time thus bringing their client’s visions to reality.
  2. Dentsu Web Chutney – Dentsu Web Chutney is one of the country’s most prestigious Digital Marketing/Creative Agencies that has garnered a lot of awards including the National Agency of the Year 2019 at Cannes and hence is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai. They have worked with all kinds of Big players in the industry and continue to work with them producing some of the most recognizable digital marketing content on the planet. Nonetheless, they are called a creative powerhouse.
  3. Fruit Bowl – Fruit Bowl is a full-service interactive digital marketing agency in Mumbai that Builds brands and designs websites for its clients from across the globe and hence is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai. They design experiences with their services offered like web design, brand management, online reputation management, social media, strategy planning, etc. Fruit Bowl ‘Does the work that matters’ thus receiving countless accolades for their performance
  4. ATOP DIGITAL – Atop Digital is a Digital Marketing Agency located in Mumbai. One thing Atop Digital does’ right is assuring its clientele that they are in fact ‘MAKERS’- makers of a digital empire. They cover an array of marketing services like SMM, Branding, SEO, Amazon Marketing, Paid Marketing, etc, but they consider their Content Strategy as the heart of their marketing agency, and hence it is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.
  5. Ad Global 360 – Ad Global 360 is a technology-intensive digital marketing agency and hence is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai. They consider themselves a ‘Mar-Tech’ Company by asserting technology as their most valuable asset that is integrated into all of the company’s services. Ad global has won numerous accolades- one for their work with Rajasthan Tourism, winning a Sammie for Best Digital Travel Brand in 2018 for their creativity displayed online and another one was a Deloitte Technology Fast 500 APAC 2019 which was awarded crediting them as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the Asia Pacific.
  6. GBIM– Initially an SEO company in Mumbai, GBIM has now turned itself into a Digital Marketing Company whose clientele has moved across the globe. They develop their digital marketing strategies following the ADDI method – Analysis, Design, Develop and Implement. Social media advertising, SEO, Content marketing, Google ads, etc are a few of their services offered which has helped their clients with a presence both online and offline and hence is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.
  7. iProspect – iProspect considers themselves creative, tenacious, people-led, and data-driven. They have a worldwide presence but also have a digital marketing agency in Mumbai. They invest in powerful relationships by making strategic partnerships that in turn help their clientele by providing them with integrated solutions whether it is with regards to Commerce, Content, or Google marketing platform tools, they do it all.
  8. The Brand Saloon -The Brand Saloon is a full-service digital marketing agency that ‘Helps Brands Stand Tall’. They drive traffic, generate leads and sales for their clients. They specialize in all kinds of digital marketing services like SEO, SMM, Video search optimization, content marketing, etc, and serve multiple industries with their well-defined approach of Understanding their client, Competitor analysis, proposals, implementation, reporting, and improved returns and hence is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.
  9. BC Web Wise – BC Web Wise is known best known for its strategic brand solutions and world-class creative’s. They are a full-service Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai that offers the brands that work with them a 360-degree portfolio of services including SMM, Search Marketing, Ecommerce web design and development, performance marketing, WhatsApp chatbots, media planning, and buying, etc. They have won countless awards for their campaigns and also are ranked as one of the top 25 creative agencies of the world.
  10. Brain Candy – BrainCandy serves its clients with many services like Web Development and Design, Logo creation, Brand Building, and services like SEO, SMM, and Email Marketing. Along with these digital forms of marketing, they also add Print and Outdoor Media to their list of services they already offer. Brain Candy claims that their clientele chooses them for their Transparency, Reliability, Commitment, Round-the-clock Service, and Ethical Practices.
  11. BriefKase – BriefKase is a Digital Marketing Agency with an ever-evolving culture. The origin of their name comes from a statement they crated – “Our Clients give us a brief and we work smart enough to make it a case”. They are an agency that works for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and High growth start-ups being a reason for their growth with Performance marketing and Strategic Brand Building. They specialize in SEO, SMM, and Paid media marketing (PMM).
  12. Growth Hackers Digital – With an office located in Mumbai and also Bengaluru, Growth hacker’s digital is a company that focuses on Traffic, Retention, Branding, and Conversion serving their clients with content marketing, ads on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and google alongside all of these services they also serve SEO and some more services related to Creatives and Analytics and hence is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.
  13. Digital Latte – Digital Latte is a full-service digital marketing agency whose expertise lies in Digital, Design, and Development. Hence, they focus on SEO, SMM, Google Analytics, digital media planning (Digital), Logo and Digital design, Brand Identity (Design), website maintenance and development, E-commerce solutions (Development), etc. creating very engaging content using customer insights to build a client’s brand.
  14. Big Trunk Communications – This marketing agency is one that wants to “Make BIG Happen’. Being a company that has won numerous awards over the years for its brilliance is something that has resulted in the digital marketing agency being trusted by leaders in the industry. They provide services like Search engine Marketing (SEM)and also SEO and have strategists and experts sharing their expertise and strategies for Media planning and buying, and Digital Creative development among other services.
  15. Growth Pep – Growth Pep is a company that ‘Creates growth for you’ offering services like Lead generation, Ecommerce Sales, SMM, SEM among others. Having more than a decade of experience and having worked with numerous brands their general focus is on mapping out problems, giving solutions, optimization, testing, and research, and mainly focusing on one metric i.e. growth, and hence it is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.
  16. Ogilvy Public Relations – Ogilvy is a large integrated communications agency. They depict brands in a light that portrays what the client wanted to communicate with its audience by using their design and communication tools. There is a reason why Ogilvy has earned countless awards and it is because of their sheer dedication and determination to communicate effectively not only what the brand wants but also what they need. 
  17. Kwebmaker – Kwebmaker creates a digital ecosystem for its clients thus helping them grow. They have a strong team of expert individuals working towards creating strong digital strategies with SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, content marketing, media buying, etc thus winning several awards for their outstanding work with their clients. Having existed for over 2 decades they have proven to be one of the best Digital Marketing agencies in Mumbai.
  18. The Yellow strawberry – The Yellow strawberry is situated in Navi Mumbai and considers itself as the best digital marketing, web design, and development expert.  A huge focus of this digital marketing agency in Mumbai is that they focus on app development adjacent to related areas and have a clear idea of their vision mission with affordable prices and willingness to work as a team with their clients.
  19. Auburn Solutions – Auburn Solutions is a 360-degree digital marketing agency that focuses on creating digital experiences. Their experts try to create a win-win situation for both themselves and their clients by using exceptional strategies but still staying cost-effective. They offer services like SMM, Strategic planning, Creative development, SEO, Media planning and buying, etc
  20. WATConsult – With ‘Digital’ running through their DNA, WAT Consult is a top brand in the digital marketing realm with expertise in Digital Marketing, Web, and Technology offering their clients effective digital solutions. They blend technology with their media and creativity’s making sure their clients are satisfied with their offerings – Ecommerce consulting, Digital and Social Content, Mobile marketing, and many others.
  21. Adsyndicate – AdSyndicate helps brands achieve the excellence they are looking forward to with their 360-degree marketing communications. Offering services like SMM, SEM, SEO, Marketing Automation, Mobile Marketing, Web design, and Development they effortlessly create campaigns that help their clients’ brands connect with their audiences and bringing in results and hence is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai. 
  22. Amura Tech – Amura tech is a data-driven marketing agency with a high focus on customers delivering long-term value and better ROI for a brand that works with them. Their services include Digital strategy and transformation, content engagement and marketing, media planning and analytics, experience design, and e-commerce solutions.
  23. Insomniacs – Like the name suggests insomniacs ‘get started’ at night. In 2019 they won an award for PropTech Innovator of the year. SMM, SEO, SEM, Web Design and Development, Branding, etc with a lot of focus on tech and hence is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.
  24. Kreativ Ideas – Kreativ Ideas define creativity as Intelligence having fun. From restaurant Marketing to Video Generation, Kreativ Ideas offer a lot of different digital marketing services right from traditional digital marketing services to new-age digital marketing because they understand the everchanging technological surrounding we live in.
  25. 3 Minds Digital – 3 minds digital is a digital marketing agency in Mumbai that recognizes that good things take time and trust the process while creating a vision. They offer services like design development and all things digital marketing and hence it is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.
  26. Digi Chefs – The reason to include Digi Chefs in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai is that it is a full suite digital marketing agency that considers itself as a high-performance creative agency. Through performance marketing, Design and branding, SEO, Analytics and Insights, etc they accelerate their client’s brands. It is because of this that brands that work with Digi Chefs trust them.
  27. Third Slash – Third Slash is a company that provides an ‘All in one solution in digital marketing with a variety of services including SEO, SMM, PMM as well as combining data insights to build strategies and hence is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.
  28. Web Insight – Web insight is a digital marketing agency in Mumbai that intends to grow your business by faster and smarter marketing with a focus on SMM, SEO, and website design. They connect with the right prospects using advanced marketing solutions
  29. Spice Tree Design Agency – This s a marketing agency that drives brands towards progressive paths offering solutions in regards to branding and communications to achieve growth by their focus on digital marketing for all generations. They also offer creative solutions for the brands they work with alongside many other services like SEO, SMS, social media marketing, blogs, etc.
  30. Pi Visions – Pi visions are a digital marketing agency that doesn’t only focus on what looks good but also what feels good. They use the latest web technologies that benefit their clients with a higher level of service and consider ‘Simple as Beautiful’ offering many digital marketing services and hence is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.
  31. AI Techno Soft – AI Techno Soft is a digital marketing agency in Mumbai that intends to make its clients ‘stand out on the web by creating an online presence that WOWs their customers’ and also improving brand visibility and Return on investment. They offer services like brochure designing, web design, ad words, etc
  32. Ethinos – Ethinos is a digital marketing agency where creative minds meet media and technology, solving new-age problems presented in the industry by developing digital solutions. They are a results-focused agency with data-driven marketing services offered and omnichannel marketing.
  33. WebMaffia – WebMaffia is a creative digital marketing agency that crafts clean and quality business strategies for a business. Their services provided involve web design, content marketing, developing digital strategies, SEO, etc, and hence it is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.
  34. InfiDigit Consultants – InfiDigit solutions offers a variety of digital marketing services with SEO being an area of expertise. Their main focus is on developing uniqueness for brands they work with and are very data-driven in their approach and a taste for an innovative idea that help their clientele with their brand image.
  35. YRSK Marketing and Branding Solutions – This is a digital marketing agency that has its hands spread out in various channels of digital marketing. They focus on creating a digital experience for their clients that work with them in the various services they offer like Content marketing, SEM, PPC, SEO, website designing, and development.
  36. Quadigy – Quadigy is a digital marketing expert who helps create brands and attract leads. They cover the whole rainbow of digital marketing covering all its services- Content, Search, Social, Data while also partnering with brands both big and small and hence it is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.
  37. Mindstorm – Mindstorm is a hybrid digital marketing agency that builds brands globally by leveraging chaos that exists in the digital space. They are situated in Mumbai and offer SMM, PPC, web design, and development services across 12 countries and hence it is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.
  38. Capsicum Technologies – Capsicum Technologies is an innovative digital agency that focuses on making its clients’ brands stronger by succeeding in its digital marketing and social media marketing strategies. They are an ever-evolving company that offers services of Digital, social media, and eCommerce strategy, Content, Building websites and apps as well as marketing. Thus, serving their client’s digital needs.
  39. Rankiology – Rankiology uses its digital marketing tactics like PPC, SEO, affiliate marketing, email, SMM, celebrity, and reputation management serving a high conversion rate and building brand equity to drive growth for an online business and hence is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.
  40. Ottoedge – Ottoedge deme themselves as a digital marketing agency that is social media geeks, digital wizards, and most importantly a time-saving agency. For their Digital marketing efforts, they use SEO, SMM, YouTube ads, etc. They also strategically plan their branding decisions for the clients that they partner with.
  41. Pixel Suba – Pixel Suba is a digital marketing agency located in Mumbai that delivers value for businesses by offering result-driven solutions to their clientele. With a focus on paid advertising, SMM, branding SEO, and product design among other digital marketing services.
  42. Logicl Loop – Logicl Loop is a digital marketing agency in Mumbai that is result-driven. They partner with clients providing them with digital services like Affiliate Marketing, SEO, web design, and development, etc. It is because of these services that companies that partner with Logical Loop experience escalated growth and hence it is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.
  43. Blue Digits – Blue digits considers itself a Search oriented Digital marketing agency that considers a holistic approach to SEO. They are quality-oriented over quantity with profitable google ad campaigns and e-commerce conversion optimization.
  44. Going Digital – This company like the name suggests helps companies in ‘Going Digital’. They understand the importance of Digital Marketing and offer services like social media marketing, content marketing, and influencer marketing along with SEO, SEM, and web analytics, and hence it is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.
  45. Bombayworks – Bombayworks is a digital marketing agency that considers itself as a Digital Growth Agency. Combining creativity with technology Bombayworks serves brands that partner with them with Strategy and Insights, Design and UX, Content and Localization, CRM and Market Automation, etc.
  46. iDigitalise – iDigitalise provides their clients with wings when they decide they want to fly. They have over a decade of experience and have worked with their clients on countless projects. They are a Digital Marketing Agency that uses SEO, Digital Campaigning, Ecommerce Development, etc all of which help the brands that come partner with them grow.
  47. Flare Path – Flare path is a digital marketing agency that calls itself an asymmetry agency Acknowledges that businesses use social media ‘talk’ and thus they focus on creating conversations that help their clients. They offer services that include content marketing, strategy, community management through social media platforms and paid media while also producing original video content.
  48. Glitch – Glitch is a Mumbai and Delhi-based full-service agency that considers disruption as Mandatory when it comes to the content that they create which helps their clients stand out. They specialize in branded content, e-commerce by developing strategies for their clients and many other services, and hence it is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.
  49. A2GS – A2GS is a Software development and Digital Marketing agency in Mumbai. They have divisions dedicated to the services of web development and design, SEO, social media, and PPC marketing. And give the best solutions for businesses that satisfy their needs through their services.
  50. Estradigi – Estradigi is a Return on investment (ROI) driven digital marketing agency in Mumbai specializing in a growing competitive advantage for their clients through lead generation and digital marketing strategies and hence is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.
  51. Microinch Hub – Microinch hub is a hospitality digital marketing agency in Mumbai and Pune. Their services include Google ads, Social Media, SEO, Photoshoots, Graphics, and video along with branding and web designing. They also pay attention to research, reports, action plans, execution, and analysis, and hence it is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.
  52. Shrex Design – Shrex design considers itself as Marketers, advertisers, and Artists. Their content with storytelling focuses on the Why of storytelling and have won countless awards for their content and advertising which is glazed with hyperrealism, expressionism, Lettrism, etc.
  53. Digitactix – Digitactix is an Online business solution provider that brings in a social factor through its unique tactics in various areas of digital marketing. They offer services like web design, SEO, SEM, SMM, media planning, content writing, graphic design, and hence it is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.
  54. Craw My Line – Craw my line is a digital marketing agency that focuses on saving time and effort in the variety of services they provide, like google ad words, maintenance of these ads, SEO, website development, social media strategy, YouTube marketing, etc, and hence is included in the list of Top 75 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.
  55. Fulcro – Fulcro creates immersive experiences that help their client’s brands connect with their target audience and community. They focus on digital, technological, media, and data-related solutions for their clients by integrating various elements of each vertical in their business.
  56. Cheers Creative – Cheers creative like the name suggests pays attention to creativity in their work and is a one-stop branding and marketing agency. They have their hands in social media marketing, web design development, packaging, etc.
  57. 7G Software solutions – 7G software solutions is a digital agency located in Mumbai that drives its business through web development, digital strategy, email, and social media marketing, etc. 7G software solutions have a 360-degree holistic approach for its solutions.
  58. Olio Creative Digital Agency – Olio creative digital agency is a creative digital marketing agency that takes your business ahead by powering your digital dreams. They converge their ideas with trends and provide services like SEO, Social media marketing, creative advertising, PPC, etc.
  59. Digital Yolks – digital yolks is a digital marketing agency in Navi Mumbai. Their focus is placed on SEO, marketing with Google, Facebook ads, etc They are mindful of the businesses needs and do what is appropriate for their clients
  60. Brainworks Technologies – This is where technology meets the mind. Brainwork’s technology offers services of digital marketing like SEO, content marketing through which they try to increase the visibility of their clients in multiple countries of the world.
  61. Warf Street Strategies – This is a company that provides artificial ad machine learning solutions in their digital marketing, web development services provided, and focus on Blockchain as well. They strive to ‘stand out digitally’ through their expertise.
  62. Phonethics – Phonethics is a creative digital agency that loves problem-solving and provides services like search marketing social media marketing etc by creating creative and engaging content which helps acquire new customers and close transactions
  63. Depasser InfoTech – Depasser InfoTech is a company that aims to transform its clients digitally and use its technological services for ideas and execution.  They say they believe in the power of people and the power that they have on technology. They try to maximize the Roi of clients through their digital marketing services.
  64. Last Local app solutions – Last local app solutions are a digital marketing company that sees an opportunity everywhere to design develop and create. They develop their web design, social media, SEM, and SEO strategies through countless brainstorm sessions to provide their clients with the best possible solutions to satisfy their requirements
  65. Urja – Urja is a digital marketing agency that gives companies access to digital solutions that are both fast and forward. The pillars that drive their digital marketing campaign are Agile Optimization, Platform mapping, Communication landscaping, etc, all of which help their services of Search Advertising, SMM, Display Advertising, etc. This gives them the structure to have an ROI-driven campaign.
  66. Zeiore Interactive – Zeiore Interactive is a creative digital agency with a team of experts who focus on results. Their process while partnering with brands is to Plan, Create and then Launch. Their Digital services include SEO, SEM, SMM, Online reputation Management and Email Marketing.
  67. Mirum – Mirum is a data-driven digital marketing agency in Mumbai. Being a one-stop-shop for brands with digital marketing needs, Mirum blends strategy, creativity, media, technology, and analytics to service its clientele with fresh, trendy, and innovative ideas. They consider themselves a borderless digital agency as they have countless offices situated all over the world.
  68. Foxy Moron – Foxy Moron is a digital marketing agency in Mumbai that integrates media, technology, and content with its services offered. They have a lot of teams across India that implement top-tier digital marketing strategies and campaigns through their specialization in SEO, SMM, PR, Ecommerce solutions, UI/UX Services, Influencer Marketing, etc.
  69. Interactive Avenues – Interactive Avenues is a digital marketing agency that does Digital Marketing right by collaborating with brands with conviction and creating innovative content. They unify various strategies- E-commerce, Data, Media, Creative, Product, etc to develop masterful solutions.
  70. Asymmetrique – Asymemetrique transforms brands that work with them for the current digital era we live in. They focus on Strategy, Platforms, Experience, and Advertising with a multitude of services offered under each area of expertise. All of Asymemetrique’s expertise comes together and helps in creating a very sustainable brand for their client
  71. Blink Digital – Blink Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency in Mumbai whose focus is the user experience. Offering digital marketing solutions to clients, Blink Digital helps them achieve their web development, social media, SEM needs, and much more making them a 360-degree digital marketing solutions agency.
  72. Brandwitty – Brandwitty is a Digital Marketing Agency for the ‘Next Generation’ providing its services across a vast portion of digital media. They help in developing strategies that convert a brand’s audience into customers through their SEO, SMM. SEM, Web design, and various other digital marketing solutions.
  73. Social Beat – The social beat is an ROI-driven digital marketing agency that considers innovation as key in delivering their services to their clients. They serve their clients with assistance in Video Creation, SMM, SEO, Content Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Research, Digital Marketing training, etc.
  74. Pinstorm – Pinstorm believes that “businesses need to radically change the way they market themselves”. To help achieve this digital marketing agency in Mumbai partners with brands and offers its services like Facebook campaigns, SEO, Twitter Updates, Viral videos, web design, etc which they seamlessly blend and help their clients achieve their desired outcome.
  75. Postbox communications – Postbox communications deem Strategy, Service, and Solution as their 3 essential components to achieving success. They are a digital marketing service agency that helps companies battle the intense competition of the current market with high capacity tools and a compelling foundation through services like PPC, SEM, SEO, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, etc.
  76. Langoor – Langoor is a digital marketing agency that helps its clients reach their utmost potential by blending their exceptional ideas throughout all of its digital marketing services offered. They help create digital command centers and assist with Online Advertising, Search Engine Strategy, Email Marketing, and Social Media. Their structured approaches make them systematic and thus charm their client’s audience.

If you belong to a company listed in the Top 75, it would be terrific to receive feedback. If in case your company is not listed on here you should check our other blogs out to see if you made it to those lists! Feel free to contact us if you want your company added.

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