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You may ask many website redesign questions such as Why Should I redesign my website, Reasons to redesign your website, When to redesign your website or Why do i need to redesign my website. I’ve put up a quick rundown of the importance of website redesign and why should you redesign your website.

Depending on your company’s specific marketing objectives, the reasons for a website makeover may vary. The most common reasons for rebranding a website are to improve search engine optimization (SEO), implement better technology, increase security, increase traffic, and generate more leads.

Why Do I Need To Redesign My Website
Rebranding a website
The success of your website is dependent on the consistency of the design and the user experience. This might cause confusion or even fear that they’ve been sent to a dangerous site when they click on a link on your homepage and end up on an entirely different page. As little as it may seem, having several navigation menus for different websites might annoy users.

Redesign to improve your SEO or Search Engine Optimization
On-page SEO is a specialised expertise that you may engage to increase your site’s SEO. It includes the material of the main page, keywords in the website content, responsiveness, blogging, navigation, header tags, photos, and the overall structure of the website.

If your URLs are dynamic, you may need to adjust the structure of your URLs. A revamp of your website may boost SEO-friendly site architecture. A Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress may help you optimise your website’s code and make it more SEO friendly by allowing you to utilise custom page names, H1, H2, H3 tags, Page Titles and Alt Tags, as well as custom page URLs.

The technology on which your website is built is out-of-date.
Consider the following scenarios: your website is out of date and still built in flash, which is difficult to read by search engines and impossible to access on mobile devices; or your website is backed by plugins that haven’t been updated in years. Maintaining and updating your website with the most up-to-date technology and plugins will improve its overall performance and efficiency, resulting in a more positive user experience for your visitors.

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